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If it is a billing-related issue, we will refer them back to you. No, you are able to specify a contact email address that we would use per account.

One option for billing your clients is a WHMCS module created by a third party developer. However, if one of your clients reaches out to us for help, we will provide as much support as possible.

If you would like to use a custom domain, you can add that as well.

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Yes, you have the option in e Billing Hub to automatically save all files to either your firm’s root folder or a specified secondary location.

A plan can specify a type, which indicates whether the payment definitions in the plan have a fixed or infinite number of payment cycles.

The plan can also define these optional merchant preferences: .

Listed below are our frequently asked Reseller questions: What does the Reseller Panel look like? The Language dropdown will allow you to change the language for this account.

How do I view past invoices for my resold accounts? This email address will be used for us to contact you regarding any issues with this account, such as billing, campaign approvals, abuse reports, etc.