Is jim cantore and alexandra steele dating

He works on the air for The Weather Channel and is one of the most respected members of staff on the channel.

Jim used to work for TWC as an anchor for a famous TV series called Storm Stories, and his work was appreciated by everyone. He also used to work for the channel, NBC where he was responsible for all the weather segments during 2012 Summer Olympics.

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She is well known for her shows “Good Morning America” and “Prime Time Live”.

Even though we watch the same television personality talking or performing every day in front of us, we often know very less about them.

In fact, what we see is only one facet of that person’s life and rest is just veiled from us.

They decided to get married as they wanted to live happily together as husband and wife.

The couple got married in the year 1990 and spent some of their best years together before they got divorced.