Toyboy dating sydney

But even their union was met with disbelief when first reported just five months ago.Preceding Murdoch’s divorce from Deng, there were sensational allegations of an all too intimate relationship between Deng and former British prime minister Tony Blair.Wouldn't it make sense, then, that he'd be older, too – richer in life experience, to guide us through our lives? It's a clear parallel with the idea that the male partner should be taller than the woman – which, as Tracey Spicer wrote last week, is a result of unconscious bias that subtly reinforces gender stereotypes and expectations.There was always talk, too, of the idea that men mature at a slower rate than women.

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When one of our aunts remarried a man a decade younger, a tizzy broke out between the three of us – what was she doing?

With scant detail, let alone any factual evidence, and coinciding with April Fool’s Day, that repository of all things mind-boggling, the internet, is filled with reports that Wendi and Vlad are now an “item”.

A large grain of salt should be swallowed with this news, especially as it comes so soon after Deng’s ex, 85-year-old Murdoch, tied the knot with his 59-year-old fourth wife, leggy Texan Jerry Hall, amid such fanfare.

It’s ok though- she’s told it’s cougar night and it’s called toy boy speed dating.

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